Akilan & Komalam Indian Wedding

I love traditional Indian wedding. The culture, colors and heritage are pretty much preserved. This wedding is held at a Hindu temple and Ampang and Mutiara Hall in Jalan Ipoh.

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Hendrick & Jyn Church and Chinese Wedding

It was quite a challenge rushing between Hendrick’s location at Puchong and Jyn’s location at OUG. Nevertheless I think the results turned out pretty well and we managed to rush the slideshow despite the shorter time.




Maternity photography works

It has been quite a while since some months back. Nevertheless there are some of our latest pregnancy works. We hope you will enjoy it :D



Works published

It’s kind of nice to have your wedding works being published once a while. Here’s one from lifestyle MSN Malaysia!




Syed and Sara Indian Muslim Wedding Photography

Syed and Sarah’s wedding is a unique blend of Indian Muslim and Dubai Arabic culture. It was a great experience shooting for the couple’s wedding